Best Location To Install Your Business CCTV Cameras

No matter what size your business is and what industry you belong to, ensuring workplace security is crucial. With so many advanced CCTV solutions around, why should it be? Protecting company assets and properties is a core priority for every business, and security cameras can do that and much more.

Features such as audio detection, 24/7 surveillance, remote footage access and much more, can not only help to save time and money, but also adds security to the compound. Surveillance cameras also help to keep employees and customers stay honest and restrain from any illegal activity.

Install Your Business CCTV Cameras

All these are great, but when it comes to installing CCTV cameras, what is the best location to set it up to minimize risk and unwanted exposure. To help you out, we share some of the most efficient places to add your cameras.

1. The Front Door

Front Door cameras are ideal to monitor visitors and see who is entering or leaving. The front camera also strongly portrays that the business is serious when it comes to security. Places such as high end jewelry shops, art, or antique stores, may even take it a step further to add voice intercom systems and buzz in mechanism to control access. The more valuable the things inside are, the more tighter the security needs to be.

2. Stock Room CCTV

Inventory storages and stock rooms are a tempting target for thieves and criminals. Adding a camera to keep on eye on product handling and employee access, can help to trim down loses significantly. It also helps to reduce bad habits when they know that they are being watched. If the stock room is isolated or in a remote place, the camera also adds security to employees, as well as keep an eye on the stock, and if anyone is stealing things.

3. Around Back Alleys, Loading Docks and Back Entrances

Back doors, loading docks and allyes are notorious for criminal incidents such as theft or break.

4 Ways IT Companies Improve Productivity

It doesn’t matter what industry your company is in, if you have the ability of improving the productivity levels within a company, your business will develop at a much faster rate. It is therefore important to think about ways in which to improve the productivity of a company, as the current climate is incredibly competitive within the world of business. This is also set to continue in the future, so it is important to consider different ways in which to be productive. In this article we will take a look at four ways that reliable IT Companies Edmonton can improve productivity.

4 Ways IT Companies Improve Productivity

Use the latest communication tools

With modern technology firmly in place, IT companies can now use many different communication tools in order to connect with each other and speed up the workflow. This includes text messaging on mobile devices but also includes online chat functions on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as through the modern email software that is available. Workers can also post on the bulletin board’s and this can help when the team need to work together from different locations.

Create schedules that are flexible

In a modern IT company, it can be a good idea to create schedules that are more flexible. If a company has a rigid schedule that is the same for everyone, this will damage the business. It is far better to allow each individual a different schedule. You can also allow some individuals the ability to work from home and this will boost morale and increase the levels of productivity within your company.

Use the latest computer technology

Computers have now increased productivity and workflow by a huge amount and they should be embraced in an IT company if the company is to succeed successfully and beat the competition. In this situation, it is good to analyze all the tasks that take place within the company, as well as the manual processes that could be sped up through automated processes that can be carried out with the latest computer technology.

Use filtering techniques on the Internet

The Internet can be a brilliant tool and can be used in order to develop productivity within an IT company, but it can also drain productivity and can create a lot of wasted time and energy. It is therefore a good idea to consider filtering techniques on the Internet that will stop your employees from browsing the web during certain times of the day. There will then be more focus within the company. This will also stop your employers from wasting time on sites such as Facebook, when they should be carrying out more important tasks.

If you implement these ways in which to be productive within a company, you will quickly see that your progress develops at a faster rate and you will be able to develop your company from the bottom up in a much more effective way. Implement these techniques on a daily basis and you will quickly begin to see success within your IT company.

How to Easily Repair your Computer

Many computer technicians say that most of the computer repair in philadelphia pa are usually those you can easily fix on yourselves. This means you can save a lot of money which you would have spent on the technician. They include the following:computer-service


First of all, it is much easier protecting your computer from virus than curing it. Always update your antivirus because the virus themselves keeps on updating .If it is already infected, don’t think the technician uses anything that you can obtain. They use the same standard antivirus and then they full scan. They are many top ranked anti-virus such as Kaspersky and bit defender which will give you good results.


Most computers come with DVDs or CDs which you can actually restore your OS. Within time computer tend to be slower and if one cannot afford to buy a new computer, it is advisable to reset window back to its factory state. You don’t need any technician, can do this by yourself. You can use the window installation disk and go to the refresh or reset feature to easily reinstall windows. In case you need more guide it is wise to google.


For a longtime I thought it was the most complex thing to do but it is very easy to do. All you got to do is buy the right RAM and hard drive and install them to where previously the other RAM and Hardware was. The hardware is a bit tedious because you need to install your windows again.


You should know that deleting file does not mean it is actually erased forever, one can actually recover. All you need is DIY data recovery software which you can recover your data but in case is much serious and the data is very sensitive it is good to talk to the professionals. It is an expensive service hence there is need to gauge the level of importance of the data.


When you purchase your laptop, you always find some useless software which slow down your computer. It is easy to solve this. It is very expensive to remove this software yet you can do it, you can go to the control panel and manually uninstall the software or you can use a software: computer decrampifier which automatically detects the bloatware as well as uninstall them. See, it is that easy.

With technology, you meant to be able to fix the common problems in your laptop. This way you are able to save up on money and time. As well as you get to learn something you didn’t know. A professional should be called on when the issue is got out of hand.

Honestly, just because you think you have been able to clean your laptop of virus doesn’t mean you don’t need the professional. Some things are just for the professionals, as well as you cannot able to fix it.

IT Management Tips

Managing an IT department, is not that easy. Many have discussed about TraceAblitiy technology and how it is inevitable and how one cannot separate business with technology. Only a few talk about those behind the technology those who work on It department. So how do make it in the IT management. Here are some few tips on it:

Encourage experiments

Experiments are what lead to innovation. Never forget that! Some of your experiments will fail and other will succeed leading to the beginning of another era.

Be on ‘the know’

IT edmonton tend to change dynamically and what today was trending tomorrow is an old tech. As IT people there is need to always catch up with the trend and embrace it. It is not the easiest task. Many people will come to you with issues that are recent and common and expect you solve the issue. You also need to be updated on which are the best software and hardware in the market.


Have good quality customer services

This goes for all business, treating your customer well is the key to your success. Happy customer, successful business. Some customer prefer you going to the business is good not be late and be polite this will increase your market.

Be good at what you do

Be trained and have the skills. It is shocking how when one learn few things about technology they tend to think they are IT technician, but it does not work that way. One needs to have got the skills and experience that can make them be able to work even under pressure.

Keep the speed as you scale

It is advisable to increase the IT technicians as the business grows this is because there is always need of speed in technology. A business man would prefer a place they get immediate service. Remember technological problem are risky and can lead to a business down fall there is need to have many IT technician to serve many customers at the same time.

Use social media as a customer channel

Lately many people are in social media and getting through them is very important. This is where your target market is. You can use different approaches such as lead nurture program to get to them. Ensure that you have signed up in many social media account and advertise yourself. It is wise to give clarification on what services you offer and your location as well as contacts. This way potential customers can easily access you. Never give out your personal contact!

Be flexible enough

This is not a business that you entirely work in the office. Sometimes you are on the run to different companies to check on their network services. Sometime what you’ve planned for the day is never how it goes. It should be easy to embrace and continuing working. Is very good to meet deadline especially if you have promised customers. They tend to trust you and when the deadline come. They expect you to do as you say. Never break their trust!


This is an exquisite company markets superbly your business product and services to potential customers making them come to you all time if you have strong competitors. It eliminates the scenario whereby your marketing efforts fight for customers’ attention. It creates a situation where dream customers constantly come to your business and keeps them faithful to your business products.

Major themes:

Content Creation and Distribution- it manages to create exquisite content about your business making the content answer all customer questions and they also distribute the content to all prospective customers.

Lifecycle Marketing- They help in turning prospective customers from strangers to visitors to contacts and finally into diehard customers.

Personalization- They are exceptional in tailoring your product to meet customer needs and wants.

The Four Marketing Action

Some of the 4 most important tools that inbound marketing companies use to attract prospective customers:

Blogging- This is one of the excellent ways inbound marketing companies use and they create content for the blog, make it have a lot of traffic and in the end attract customers to your business.

SEO- Most of the time customers use search engines to look for your product, an inbound marketing company makes sure your product is easy to search using common words customers use.Inbound-Marketing

Pages- Inbound marketing companies are exceptional in turning your business website into haven of information about your product thereby marketing your product.

Social Publishing- Inbound marketing companies usually have a strong social media presence creating an ample atmosphere for businesses to easily market their products.


Inbound marketing companies use many methods to convert potential visitors into die hard customers. Some of the ways include:

Forms- They use forms as potential customers will fill in there contact information thereby making it easy for the business to get in touch with the potential customer.

Calls-to-Action- This is a link usually on the business website that entices customers to take action like “Attend a Webinar” or “Download a Whitepaper.”

Landing Pages- After a potential customer clicks on a Call-to-Action link, he or she will be sent to a landing page which is a page where the potential customer fills in his or her information on a form to a sales team.

Contacts- They use this information to keep track of your customer dealings with your business like when he or she first became your customer and many more. They are usually kept on a database. It enables a business know how improves on it products or even customer relations.


This is the stage where inbound marketing companies turn your leads into diehard customers. Closing tools include:

CRM- Customer Relationship Management which the method inbound marketing companies use to Keep track of a business customer details regarding dealings, sales and companies so as to easily know how to relate with the specific customer. It enables you to have the right information concerning your particular customer.

Closed-loop Reporting- Is the method used to determine how well your marketing strategies are leading to customers coming to your business. If your sales team is making close leads turn into diehard customers. This is done by integrating your CRM system enabling to easily analyze how well your sales and marketing teams are working together.

Email- If a prospective customer clicks on a Call-to-Action link, fills in a form but doesn’t buy a product, a series of emails can help turn the specific lead to a prospective customer by send to him or her emails explaining your products and services.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise Subscribers have Access to Various Features of productivity service

Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company that supports, manufactures, develops, sells and licenses, consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers and services. Office 365 refers to an assembly of software plus services subscriptions that deliver productivity software and associated services to its subscribers. Microsoft 365 enterprise subscribers have access to various features of the productivity service, such as the calling features of Skype for Business, conferencing, and meeting.


Some of the available options are: Office 365 E5, at $35 per user per month, or $420 per user per year and power BI Pro ordinarily costs $10 per user per month. Office 365 Connectors provide appropriate content and informs from different apps direct to your Office 365 Groups. Bing—Office 365 Connectors surfaces all the material you care about in the Office 365 Groups shared inbox; a Twitter feed, a project with Trello or the latest news headlines. By letting users create a team with a precise set of authorizations across different apps, it enables work teams to join and make specified project teams to work along.

Features were introduced as updates by February such as:

  • Ink Annotations on Windows Tablet – allow you write, draw and/or annotate in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Mobile using your fingers and pen in the draw tab.
  • Enables one to pin documents at the start menu on phones and tablets
  • built in camera integrated with the device to capture the images unswervingly, trim them and introduce them in documents
  • Sets up your cloud storage partner
  • More functions, charts and other features in Excel

Few months after the Lumia 950 and 950XL hit the market, Windows 10 flagships were made available globally. As if that is not enough, Microsoft gifted purchasers of the Lumia 950 or 950 XL with a year of free Office 365 Personal. The offer, which would otherwise cost $69.99, was availed in select markets and allowed users to control the full influence of the Windows 10. This was only one of the many freebies including Microsoft Display Dock, in a bid to make it one of the most dynamic products on the market.

365 SMB for the small business users to replace Small Business, Small Business Premium and Midsize Business plans, were made last year in December. $5 per user per month and $60 per year were to cover online versions of the app and video conferencing. The plan, whose estimated costs were $8.25 user/month on annual commitment and $10.00 per user/month on monthly commitment, included 1TB file storage and sharing with fully installed applications such as – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote on up to 5 PCs or Macs per user, and online versions of Office including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. However we are yet to experience the full implementations of this plan.

The software giant’s services of the app are offered as far as India via the local datacenters in three regions West India in Mumbai, South India in Chennai, and Central India in Pune. On his visit, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, said that the business would provide commercial cloud services from local data centers; data centers existing in in India itself by the end of last. It was a move support to the GOI’s initiative for digital makeover.

It is evident that Office 365 is not a one-hit-wonder type of application but rather it is here to stay. It becomes bigger and better each day. The heads behind its design do not stop until the make sure it blends with the current technology and meets the demands of its users with ease. This is one product that you should definitely try out!

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