How to Easily Repair your Computer

Many computer technicians say that most of the computer repair in philadelphia pa are usually those you can easily fix on yourselves. This means you can save a lot of money which you would have spent on the technician. They include the following:computer-service


First of all, it is much easier protecting your computer from virus than curing it. Always update your antivirus because the virus themselves keeps on updating .If it is already infected, don’t think the technician uses anything that you can obtain. They use the same standard antivirus and then they full scan. They are many top ranked anti-virus such as Kaspersky and bit defender which will give you good results.


Most computers come with DVDs or CDs which you can actually restore your OS. Within time computer tend to be slower and if one cannot afford to buy a new computer, it is advisable to reset window back to its factory state. You don’t need any technician, can do this by yourself. You can use the window installation disk and go to the refresh or reset feature to easily reinstall windows. In case you need more guide it is wise to google.


For a longtime I thought it was the most complex thing to do but it is very easy to do. All you got to do is buy the right RAM and hard drive and install them to where previously the other RAM and Hardware was. The hardware is a bit tedious because you need to install your windows again.


You should know that deleting file does not mean it is actually erased forever, one can actually recover. All you need is DIY data recovery software which you can recover your data but in case is much serious and the data is very sensitive it is good to talk to the professionals. It is an expensive service hence there is need to gauge the level of importance of the data.


When you purchase your laptop, you always find some useless software which slow down your computer. It is easy to solve this. It is very expensive to remove this software yet you can do it, you can go to the control panel and manually uninstall the software or you can use a software: computer decrampifier which automatically detects the bloatware as well as uninstall them. See, it is that easy.

With technology, you meant to be able to fix the common problems in your laptop. This way you are able to save up on money and time. As well as you get to learn something you didn’t know. A professional should be called on when the issue is got out of hand.

Honestly, just because you think you have been able to clean your laptop of virus doesn’t mean you don’t need the professional. Some things are just for the professionals, as well as you cannot able to fix it.