Best Location To Install Your Business CCTV Cameras

No matter what size your business is and what industry you belong to, ensuring workplace security is crucial. With so many advanced CCTV solutions around, why should it be? Protecting company assets and properties is a core priority for every business, and security cameras can do that and much more.

Features such as audio detection, 24/7 surveillance, remote footage access and much more, can not only help to save time and money, but also adds security to the compound. Surveillance cameras also help to keep employees and customers stay honest and restrain from any illegal activity.

Install Your Business CCTV Cameras

All these are great, but when it comes to installing CCTV cameras, what is the best location to set it up to minimize risk and unwanted exposure. To help you out, we share some of the most efficient places to add your cameras.

1. The Front Door

Front Door cameras are ideal to monitor visitors and see who is entering or leaving. The front camera also strongly portrays that the business is serious when it comes to security. Places such as high end jewelry shops, art, or antique stores, may even take it a step further to add voice intercom systems and buzz in mechanism to control access. The more valuable the things inside are, the more tighter the security needs to be.

2. Stock Room CCTV

Inventory storages and stock rooms are a tempting target for thieves and criminals. Adding a camera to keep on eye on product handling and employee access, can help to trim down loses significantly. It also helps to reduce bad habits when they know that they are being watched. If the stock room is isolated or in a remote place, the camera also adds security to employees, as well as keep an eye on the stock, and if anyone is stealing things.

3. Around Back Alleys, Loading Docks and Back Entrances

Back doors, loading docks and allyes are notorious for criminal incidents such as theft or break.

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